Ducklings - A Game About Parenting!

Created by Deck Head Games

A heart wrenching co-op game where you must work with a partner to waddle your three fragile ducklings to safety.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Nest Big Thing: Hitting $20,000 in Funding!
over 4 years ago – Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 07:57:32 AM

All thanks to our backers! :') ❤
All thanks to our backers! :') ❤

Hi everyone!

Like the banner above states, we hit $20,000 in funding and it's all thanks to you! Thank you guys again for having our backs and going through this process with us. We're so grateful for all your support and input.

Now that we've hit our third stretch goal, every box of the game sold on Kickstarter will come with an exclusive, limited edition Duckling. This is a Kickstarter exclusive card with a very special card back. Thank you all so much for literally bringing Taimes to life!

Please welcome Taimes!
Please welcome Taimes!

Incoming: A New Biome!

Poll results are in! Thank you all who participated in the vote- we’re so happy so many of you are apart of our iterative game design process. Because of popular demand, the new biome is going to be a rainforest! Now parents must navigate themselves and their sweet little ducklings through a tropical climate; under a dense canopy of leaves is a world filled with microorganisms, new predators, strange plants, and biotic wonder.

Great Game Reviews and Previews

We’ve received so much positive feedback from game reviewers and are so thankful for all the coverage! Special thanks this week to Roll for Crit for their video preview of our game, Zatu Games for writing a beautifully written article on emotional games and Ducklings, Cardboard Stacker for previewing our game, and Geekdad for featuring us in their Weekly Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup.

Feel free to check out our Facebook where we post updates almost everyday and post all reviews and articles written about us!

More to Come: Tarot Sized Cards with New Art!

If we hit $25,000 in funding, we will upgrade the current card size to tarot sized cards! This also means that some of the event card backgrounds will have a form of new splash art and flavor text for all boxes of the game. Help us reach this fourth stretch goal by spreading the word about Ducklings! :)

Thank you all again for your kindness and support. ❤ We’re astonished we’ve funded 257%- it’s crazy and we feel like our dreams have come true. If you have any friends or families who might like Ducklings, please tell them about our Kickstarter. There only 12 days left in our campaign and we don’t want anyone to miss out on our Kickstarter exclusive rewards! Every backer means the world to us and we’re continuing to do our best in giving you all the best game play experience ever! Thanks again.



P.S. We will soon release our private blog link and password along with a Ducklings phone wallpaper to exclusively our backers so stay on deck for updates!

Ducklings update number 3!
over 4 years ago – Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 12:47:07 AM

Hi everyone! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for all again for your support in getting us past our 2nd stretch goal!! For those of you who don’t know what the second stretch goal is, we are planning on adding five new event cards to each box for added variety and replayability. Also, we just started concept art for the new biome card y’all got with the first stretch goal. Here it is! We haven’t settled on this environment though, and if you want to vote on what the biome will be, we will hold a poll on twitter this week!



As we said, we aren’t finished with it yet, and we would love to include all of you in the design process. Also, because our boxes all contain identically designed duck parents, we are adding unique colored backgrounds to the parent cards so that in an eight player game, people won’t lose track of their avatars.



Speaking of reward tiers, we wanted to let you know that we switched the $20,000 reward tier to a new duckling in each game! His name is going to be Taimes (a combination of our three names, Tim, Aimee, and James), and he will be an all black Cayuga duckling. Let’s make sure he gets in every box! Also, tarot cards will be updated to a $25,000 stretch goal.



Finally, thank you all so much again for your support; We are super happy to have almost funded 200%. If you have any friends or family who might like Ducklings, please let them know about our Kickstarter. Every backer matters! Also, we have more interviews and reviews coming out this week so keep an eye out for those.